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December 2017
Waiting on a birth with friends and tea in a tiny room in Kenya

October 2017
Childbirth in Kenya

August 2017
A seasoned midwife, Delilah Lickiss
Charis Gathering was held July 27th – July 29th

June 2017
Congratulations to our newest Lactation Counselor
Pad Thai spicy almond sauce

April 2017
Making a difference that will benefit generations to come, in Kenya.

February 2017
Charis “Communication, Teaching, and Coaching” Workshop was held 2/4/17
Childbirth PATHS International



December 2016
Childbirth PATHS International
Real Love is Seen

October 2016
Charis “Labor Support” Workshop was help September 3, 2016
Childbirth PATHS International is launched

August 2016
Birth of Heritage School of Midwifery and Natural Health Sciences in Florida
Childbirth PATHS International

June 2016
Characteristics of Kristin’s Favorite Doulas
Childbirth PATHS International

May 2016
Farewell from Kenya
Hello new Lifesong Midwife

April 2016
Charis “Communication, Teaching, and Coaching” Workshop was held 3/5/16
Thirteen Years in Kenya

March 2016
Sunset in Kenya

February 2016
Busy behind the scenes, new office
Hitting the Books in Kenya

January 2016
Introducing our newest coach, Christi Jones
Update on Anna



December 2015
Super Immune Booster Soup
When Mercy Becomes a Song in Kenya

November 2015
Charis “Labor Support Workshop” was held October 3, 2015

No October newsletter

September 2015
Ultimate Veggie Lentil loaf
American missionaries in Kenya

August 2015
Postpartum care in Kenya
Welcoming Charis Coach Rachel Thompson back from her Babymoon

July 2015
Being a student – Making the Most Out of Your Study Time!
A special birth story in Kenya

June 2015
Your Toddler Won’t Go to Bed
Homemade Garlic Dill Sauerkraut
More birth professionals are needed

April 2015
Charis “Communication, Teaching, and Coaching” Workshop Was held March 21, 2015
Childbirth in Kenya

March 2015
Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Baby
Childbirth class in Kenya

February 2015
Discovering Elderberry
Elderberry Vinegar Recipe
Charis around the world

January 2015
Becoming a Midwife
News from Kenya



December 2014
Physiological Pushing vs. Prolonged Valsalva Pushing
Charis Around the World

November 2014
Charis “Labor Support” Workshop
Oats and Oatstraw

October 2014
Thai Spiced Pumpkin Pie
Charis Around the World

September 2014
Charis around the world
Graduation of our first Lactation Counselor
Vegetarian Yummy Sushi

No June, July & August 2014 newsletters due to changing servers.

May 2014
You Have Formed Me in the Womb
High-Energy Raw Breakfast Cereal

April 2014
Prolonged Pregnancy: To Induce or Not To Induce?
A special birth in Kenya
Arugula Sprouts, Growing Your Own

March 2014
Charis “Communication, Teaching, and Coaching” Workshop
Introducing new Charis administrative assistant

February 2014
Historical European Postpartum Traditions
Women in Ebony
Discussion and exercises with pregnant women in Kenya

January 2014
Chiropractic and Midwifery
Childbirth in Kenya, Visiting Kamkunji



December 2013
Laura’s Story
The Baby Leaped in my Womb for Joy

November 2013
Chores and Young Children
Lactation Counselor Certification News

October, 2013
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
If you were a woman in Ebony
Apple Avocado Soup

September, 2013
Cultural Postpartum Traditions and  Their Positive or Negative Effects
Paris and her husband Sam in Kenya
Broccoli Slaw

August, 2013
Charis “Labor Support” Workshop
Meet Lucy Muchiri, CNM in Kenya
Holidays in Ebony
Summer Garden Gazpacho

July, 2013
Becoming a Midwife, My Calling My Heart
Devotion in Ebony
The topic of immunizations in Kenya
Refrigerator Garlic Dill Pickles

June , 2013
The Gift of Taco soup in Ebony
In Labor and In Life in Kenya
Potty Training the No-Cry Way
Banana Nut Butter Nibble

May, 2013
Charis “Teaching Birth” Workshop
Laboring and Birthing in Kenya
Avocado-Cucumber Soup

April, 2013
Co-Sleeping a SIDS Danger?
Birthing Twins in Ebony III
Kristin Schuchmann visits Kenya
Fruit Pizza with Maple Quinoa Crust

March, 2013
How to Get the Most From Your Pediatrician
Midwives in Kenya
Birthing Twins in Ebony II

February, 2013
Extended Breastfeeding – Handling the Criticism
Surprise Birth in Kenya
Birthing Twins in Ebony I

January, 2013
The Normal Newborn and Why Breastmilk is Not Just Food
Winter in Ebony
Birth Classes in Kenya



December, 2012
Conception Story
International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day
Lilian’s story in Kenya

November, 2012
Kenyan Postpartum Practices
Birth in Ebony

October, 2012
Refusing the Apple During Loss, Heidi Faith, StillBirthday
Jesus solutions in Kenya

September, 2012
Charis “Labor Support” Workshop
Coconut Water Kefir
Journey through Ebony

August, 2012
Why Your Birth Can Affect Your Baby & Parenting
Giving Birth as an Illegal Refugee in Ebony

July, 2012
Autism Spectrum Disorder: The One Thing You May Have NOT Tried
Benefits of Kombucha and how to make it
What is it like to give birth in a prison in Ebony
The Answer Lies with the Midwives in Kenya

June, 2012
Endorphins:  The Giving and Receiving
Multiplication in Kenya
Tidbits: What is it like to give birth in a war zone?

May, 2012
Ear Infections – the Simple Step You Can Take

April, 2012
Involving Children in Your Pregnancy
Young Life at Rockbridge Alum Spring

March, 2012
Charis “Teaching Birth” Workshop
Charis around the world, Ebony, Kenya and more

February, 2012
Home Births on the rise in the United States
Blessings From the Heart, a birth poem

January, 2012
Benefits of Fermented Foods – How to Make Sauerkraut
Tidbits From Ebony
Childbirth in Kenya
Life in the Caribbean



December, 2011
Dr. Sears Addresses Recent Co-Sleeping Concerns
Grammy Ethel’s Delicious Cranberry Relish
Around the world with Charis

November, 2011
Tidbits From Ebony
Childbirth in Kenya
Stories from India
Life in the Caribbean

October, 2011
Maidens By His Design – Our Daughters First Cycle
Welcome to the World – Birth Announcements
Charis Around the World

September, 2011
Babies and Music
Childbirth in Kenya

August, 2011
Charis Labor Support workshop
Why African Babies Don’t Cry

July, 2011
An Apple a Day – But the Pesticide Won’t Go Away
Politics, Power, and Birth

June, 2011
Stillbirths in U.S. can be prevented
Why Plants Are (Usually) Better Than Drugs

May, 2011
ECHO – Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization
Nutrition for the World
Becoming a Midwife
My Calling – My Heart

April, 2011
Charis Teaching Birth Workshop, March 05, 2011
Chrais Around the World

March, 2011
Preventing Prematurity and Low Birth Weight Babies
in high-risk mothers – the JJ Way

February, 2011
Induced Labors Twice As Likely To End In C-Section

January, 2011
Normal Birth Safe Birth
Blossom’s Birth



December, 2010
Antibacterial agent could cause pregnancy problems
Becoming a Midwife

November, 2010
Charis “Labor Support” Workshop, October 2, 2010 – A full, wonderful day!
Modesty For Pregnant Women
Childbirth in Kenya

October, 2010
End the “Battle over Birth” by Letting Women Win
Ob-Gyns Issue Less Restrictive VBAC Guidelines
MANA responds to ACOG’s release

September, 2010
Christian Midwives International 2010 Conference
Should Women Learn to Give Birth at Home?
How Important Is Physical Contact with Your Infant?

August, 2010
New ACOG Guidelines: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is a Safe Option
Extended Breastfeeding, New Research
Children: Power of Choice

July, 2010
Alcohol’s Effect on Fetal Development
Can Parents Get Separation Anxiety?
Test Leads to Needless C-section

June, 2010
Early Clamping Of The Umbilical Cord
Exercise as a Treatment for Depression in New Mothers
Gentle Ways to Encourage Good Behavior

May, 2010
Tactile  and Emotional Support During Labor:  The Doula
Through A Father’s Eyes in Ebony
Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Baby

April, 2010
Charis “Teaching Birth” Workshop, February 27, 2010
Study backs midwife-led maternity care
Hidden Messages

March, 2010
Elective Induction of Labor
The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact

February, 2010
Pioneers of Faith
The Simple Miracle of Red Cabbage
No Need to Fast During Labor

January, 2010
Ultrasound – How Safe IS it?
Becoming a Midwife – One student’s Heart



December, 2009
C-section not best option for breech birth
Grandma’s Rule

November, 2009
Nutrient by Nutrient Why Breast is Best
Getting Kids to Cooperate

October, 2009
The Charis September, 2009 “Labor Support” Workshop
Life in Ukraine, Anne Sokol visiting the United States
Tidbits From Ebony: Stories About Men

September, 2009
Homebirth Is As Safe As hospital Birth: Canadian researchers find lower rate of complications
Reducing Infant Mortality and Improving the Health of Babies

August, 2009
Listen With Your Heart
What Researchers in the Netherlands say about giving birth at home
101 Reasons to Breastfeed

July, 2009
About Children: Hitting, Kicking, Biting and Hair Pulling
A Healthy Palette of Delight
The Iron Curtain came down…

June, 2009
Should I let my baby cry it out?
Snippets of Knowledge and Understanding in Ukraine
Community Development – Part III

May, 2009
Widespread use of Induction
Leafy Green Veggies to the Rescue

April, 2009
The State of the World’s Children 2009
Birth in Ukraine
Community Development – Part II

March, 2009
Staying Home To Give Birth
Healing Leaves in Ukraine
Community Development – Part I

February, 2009
Maternity Care Quality and Values
Think it, Say it, Mean it, Do it
From the hearts of Charis students

January, 2009
Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Epidural
Elective Cesarean Sections, Making Small Risks Even Smaller
Cat-Naps ~ Making Short Naps Longer



December, 2008
Surprising Controversy Surrounding HIV/AIDS
Kids and Food Colors
Why Short Cat-Naps Are Not Good Enough

November, 2008
Early Bedtime Means Better Baby Sleep
Ukraine & the Blessed Women Thereof

October, 2008
From Despair to Hope – Final entry
Epidurals and Breastfeeding
Overuse of Interventions

September, 2008
From Despair to Hope, a story about autism ~ Part 4
DHA As Brain Food
How Can Charis Really Impact The World?

August, 2008
From Despair to Hope, a story about autism ~ Part 3
Journey Through The Pages

July, 2008
A Season For Exercise
From Despair to Hope, a story about autism ~ Part 2

June, 2008
Walking During Pregnancy
From Despair to Hope, a story about autism ~ Part 1

May, 2008
Helping toddlers with nighttime fears
Children Attending A Sibling’s Birth

April, 2008
Group Beta Strep
Diet, Fertility and Birth Defects
Your Newborn Baby’s Appearance

March, 2008
Benefits of early vs. delayed cord clamping
The Secret Power, Final Thoughts
Ways To Soothe A Fussy Baby

February, 2008
Daddy Play With Me
The Secret Power ~ Part Seven

January, 2008
Cesarean Rate Hits a New High
The Secret Power ~ Part Six
Strength for Childbearing



December, 2007
What is Herpes Simplex 2?
The Secret Power ~ Part Five

November, 2007
Additives Impair Child’s Behavior
The Secret Power ~ Part Four
Going Visiting With Your Baby

October. 2007
Diet-Induced Precocious Puberty
The Secret Power ~ Part Three

September, 2007
Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring
The Secret Power ~ Part Two

August, 2007
Umbilical Cord Banding
The Secret Power ~ Part One
How To Calm Your Crying Baby

July, 2007
Prenatal Care
Surviving The Sun
Babies Sleeping Through The Night

June, 2007
Studies In Support of Natural Birth
All About Sprouting
My Sleep Book, Write a Family Bestseller

May, 2007
What is Rh Negative Blood Grouping?
One Midwife’s Story
Adoption, One Baby’s Story

April, 2007
How safe are FDA Approved Drugs?
Get Your Toddler To Cooperate!

March, 2007
Routine Birth Interventions
Wonderful sounds For Sleep (your baby’s environment)

February, 2007
Reflections Of A Midwife
How to Have a Happy Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents

January. 2007
Smoking Cigarettes and the Unborn Baby, Part IIBabies Hidden Messages



December, 2006
Smoking Cigarettes and the Unborn Baby
Where to Give Birth and With Whom
Co-Sleeping (With Your Baby)

November, 2006
Understanding Gestational Diabetes
What Is It Like To Be Born?
Baby Tantrums

October,  2006
Postpartum Blues ~ Help!
Is Homebirth Safe?
The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact

September,  2006
Herbs Beneficial During Pregnancy
Benefits of Drinking Water
Handling Unwanted Advice (about babies)

August,  2006
When Should A Child Attend a Sibling’s Birth?
Newborn Babies and Sleep