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for Childbirth Professionals

Want to become a Childbirth Educator, Doula, or Midwife? Charis offers excellent education for birth professionals from a Christian perspective.

The Charis Course for Childbirth Professionals is a two-part course. The first part is “Foundations for Childbirth Professionals”. In addition to this being the beginning of our Midwifery Academics Course, those who desire to become Childbirth Educators and Doulas will be fully equipped at the end of “Foundations” to take the exam to become Charis Certified Childbirth Educators and Doulas.

Part Two is “Advanced Midwifery Academics”, which builds upon “Foundations” to provide aspiring midwives an extremely comprehensive academic course. The two parts combined are designed to prepare midwives well for the NARM exam, but you will find that it far exceeds that standard.

For more information, contact administration@CharisChildbirth.org

Volunteer Needed 

Charis is in need of a volunteer in the North Port area of Florida to serve up to 4 hours each week as Administrative Assistant to Kristin Schuchmann, our International Director.  The volunteer would receive free Life Coaching from Kristin for the duration of his or her service.  Computer and organizational skills are necessary.  Contact Kristin at 941-426-7197 or Kristin@CharisChildbirth.org to learn more about this opportunity.   (Please forward this newsletter to anyone you know in or around North Port, FL, who may be interested in this position.)

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Charis Childbirth Services is currently seeking an individual with experience in fundraising and/or grant-writing to serve as part-time fundraising coordinator. The job can be done from anywhere in the US; relocating is not necessary. If you are interested in interviewing for this  position, please  send your  resume to:

 or 149 Business Park Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, attn: Charis Administration.

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Charis values your contributions to our growing newsletter.   Post your  Charis  workshops and gatherings.  Enjoy and reflect your own views in our various columns.    Announce your baby's    births.      Share your thoughts  and  comments   in   our  "Letters  To  The  Editor" section.  Do you have questions that our readers might benefit from?  Submit  questions you  would  like  answers to. Editorials, such as "Question of the Month", are areas where many points of view can be reflected.  We invite you to share your opinions and ideas as well.

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Charis "Teaching Birth" Workshop

Our 2008 annual “Teaching Birth” Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 5, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at New Life of Virginia Beach (149 Business Park Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23462). 

Rather than just focusing on “what” to teach, this newly updated workshop for childbirth educators, doulas, and midwives explores “how” to cast vision and to coach your students/clients so that even the most fearful will be able to embrace and benefit from your message.  A delicious lunch is provided and, in addition to obtaining valuable skills for presenting with confidence, all attendees will take home new ideas, tips, and great gifts to assist in teaching birth to any audience.

The cost is $200 for Charis members and $230 for non-members (includes 1 year membership). Contact Hours available for Charis CE/doula recertification.  Deadline for registration is March 20.  Registration Form

Christian Midwives International
4th Annual Conference

The Joy of the Lord!
April 30 – May 3, 2008
Indianapolis, Indiana
Register online, advertise or have a table/booth
CEU’s available through MEAC

Why is this conference different than all the rest?
Spiritual Uplifting ~ Biblical Instruction
Godly Fellowship

Need more reasons? Just come and see for yourself –
You will leave renewed and ready to continue serving God in the childbearing realm!

Breastfeeding: Your "How to" Class, $35

When: 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Now Showing, Your Belly Boutique located at 741 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Visit our site: MoriartyChildbirthEducation  for class outline and to register. Registration is required.

Prayer Points

· Grants and other funding for the expansion of the Charis ministry

· For the Charis Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Midwifery students: sharp minds to learn, opportunities for lots of hands-on learning

· For the Charis CE’s, doulas, and midwives: rest, peace, protection, wisdom, discernment

· For the Charis missionaries: protection, peace, divine guidance, financial provision

· Our 2008 missions trip to Madagascar: details to be ironed out, funding


Our Director's Heart


Hello Friends,

Last month I talked a little about how to prevent a child from becoming a picky eater.  I mentioned that if anyone was interested in learning about a healthy way to introduce foods into your baby’s/toddler’s diet to let me know.  Some of you have said, “Tell us!”  So I will.

You will likely agree that most advice given to parents around the world concerning infant feeding is based in large part on culture.  Since we eat mainly to nourish our bodies, however, it would make more sense to look at what would best nourish our babies and base our infant/toddler feeding practices on that.

That realization came to me when I was pregnant with my second child.  The following recommendations are a result of my research during that time.  I went back into the textbooks I used in college and revisited the sections on child development, the digestive system, the immune system, and much more.  I also learned a huge amount from George Wootan, M.D., who confirmed what I was learning.  (I attended his course “Pediatrics: A Course for Parents” and read his book Take Charge of Your Child’s Health.)  I successfully put what I learned into practice and have happy, healthy children to show for it. 

Much is known today about a baby’s digestive system.  The following suggestions are based on what is known about the enzymes present in babies’ gastrointestinal tracts at the different stages of development.  Enzymes are the specific protein catalysts that assist in the chemical reactions necessary for digestion to take place.  (If you want a topic for interesting research, learning about enzymes is fascinating!) 

Breast milk is all a baby needs to thrive for the first year of life.  A normal, healthy mother has no problem producing enough quality milk to completely sustain a child for the first one to two years as long as breast feeding is not rigidly scheduled and Mom is adequately nourished and hydrated.  Breast milk comes with its own enzymes, so it can be easily digested, making the nutrients in the milk completely bio-available for the baby’s nourishment.  You just can’t improve on God’s design!!! 

Supplemental formula, baby cereal, and baby food are not necessary.  Babies are not able to digest it well because babies do not produce enough enzymes of their own to adequately break it down into useable parts.  Water and juice are also not needed until baby is over one year old if feeding is done according to the following plan: 

  • Begin with protein foods (not eggs, cheese, peanuts, beef, pork, or chicken meat) at around 11 or 12 months of age.  Fresh fish such as salmon or red lentils are some examples.  Believe it or not, baby’s digestive system can digest proteins before it can digest carbohydrates.

  • Add one new food a week and watch for allergy symptoms. 

  • After protein foods, add vegetables.  Babies usually love vegetables if they are introduced prior to fruit.  The closer to raw a food is, the more active enzymes that food packs.  Raw food is more digestible than cooked food because of those enzymes, so don’t be tempted to cook your baby’s food to a mush.  Instead, put your food processor to work!  Again, no more than 1 new food a week!

  • Once baby is enjoying some protein foods and a wide variety of vegetables, grains and fruits, both high in carbohydrates, can be introduced.  Babies have a harder time digesting carbohydrates, so they should be introduced as late as possible.  Remember, only 1 new food a week!

  • Babies (and many children and adults, for that matter) can not adequately digest cow’s milk and cheese.  It causes much tummy trouble even for those who are not allergic.  If a white liquid is needed, good alternatives are goat’s milk or rice milk. 

  • Continue breast feeding as baby’s primary source of nutrition.  It should take about six months to transition from breast milk as the primary food to solids as the primary food.

Some people will notice babies showing signs that they want to participate in mealtime around 5 or 6 months.  This desire is often interpreted as hunger.  According to Dr. Wootan, babies at that age are becoming super social and are only showing interest in the social aspect of sitting around the table and putting interesting toys in their mouths like the rest of the family.  His advice is to give each family member a toy for use only at mealtime to share with baby while the rest of the family eats.  We even let our little ones play with a plastic cup like the grown-ups.  When they feel like part of that daily ritual of “playing with mouth toys at the table”, they stop acting so “hungry” and have great fun. 

It is important to note that some exclusively breast fed babies who have been sleeping through the night may begin to wake for an extra nursing in the middle of the night around 8 months of age.  That is perfectly normal.  They are becoming much more active at that age and are in need of more calories to support their growing, active bodies.  Their little tummies are no longer able to hold enough breast milk to make it all the way through the night, so they will temporarily need that night nursing.  The temptation is to give the baby rice cereal at night to hold them over until morning.  This is a big mistake.  The rice cereal is not easily digested and fills the tummy with inadequate nutrition in place of the perfect breast milk nutrition baby needs so much (all that extra effort and energy needed for digestion causes the baby to sleep longer).  They do eventually grow out of their need for that night nursing when they are older and eating table food. 

As you begin to introduce table food to your baby, don’t be surprised that much of it will end up in the hair, on the bib, or on the floor.  At first, only some will actually be swallowed!  That’s OK!!!  Your child is learning and developing, and feeding himself is an important part of his development.  In time, more will be eaten and less mess will be made. 

Remember that every baby is unique and you will need to take into consideration your own baby’s needs when making decisions concerning feeding.  

Here’s to Happy Babies and Healthy Bodies! 


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