Midwifery Academics

Educating and Equipping Professional Midwives

Fully and confidently prepare for the North American Registry of Midwives exam.

Charis Childbirth’s Unique Model of Education, Support Every Step of the Way

Your education isn't just academics and assignments. You are supported by experienced coaches and a peer network.

Individual Coaching

Learn from skilled perinatal professionals who provide expert education, real-life wisdom, prayer, and personal support throughout your journey.


Our annual workshops provide hands-on training and fellowship with other students.

Peer Support

The loving Charis “family” supports and encourages you as you begin your new career.

Self-Paced Modules

Go at the pace your lifestyle allows, without sacrificing education quality.

Faith Based Training

Become confident in supporting mothers' bodies, hearts, and souls as you develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ while learning how He intelligently created our bodies to carry, birth, and nourish our babies.

Local & Global Impact

Our students are on a mission to provide personalized care to families, to women and girls in crisis pregnancies, and to their communities while sharing the hope they have in Christ.
Academic Information

Charis Midwifery Academics Course

Academic Requirements:

  • Maintain yearly membership.
  • Monthly, meet virtually with your Charis Coach. Your Charis Coach will be a senior birth professional who is trained in the “coaching” style of facilitating learning.
  • Weekly, meet with your peer partner. (Optional)
  • Complete module assignments Assignments include reading, journaling, research, essays, and projects.
  • Audit at least one childbirth series taught by a certified or Charis-approved Childbirth Educator.
  • Complete a college-level Human Anatomy and Physiology course, 2 semesters of lecture and lab with a grade of C or better, prior to beginning the Microbiology and Epidemiology for Midwives module.
  • Attend at least four Charis Workshops of your choice.
  • Keep birth logs for all births attended.
  • Complete a Neonatal Resuscitation Certification (NRP).
  • Attend a Breastfeeding class (with an LC or through a LeLeche League series).
  • Our distance learning model accommodates a healthy work-life balance for students while they learn. Because this is a distance course, access to a computer, the internet, and telephone service (or video conferencing) is necessary for all students.

Midwifery students who desire certification as a childbirth educator and doula must also, within the first 27 months of enrollment, attend at least two births with a senior doula and one as the primary doula, attend the “Labor Support” and “Communication, Teaching, and Coaching” workshops (as two of the four total required workshops), and complete an evaluated childbirth series.  After that, the student has 9 months to take and pass the CE/Doula Certification Examination.

Course Modules

  • Historical and Biblical Perspective Relevant to Midwifery
  • Foundations in Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology
  • Foundations in Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth
  • Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Understanding Obstetrical Procedures and Tests
  • Emotional and Psychological Health during Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Postpartum Care
  • The Newborn
  • Breastfeeding and Lactation
  • Teaching Skills for Midwives
  • Foundations for Your Midwifery Business or Ministry
  • Microbiology and Epidemiology for Midwives
  • Pharmacology for Midwives
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Midwives
  • Complications

Tuition & Fees

Because the Midwifery Academics course is self-paced, the total cost will vary based on the student's rate of progress.  Those with more time to devote to their studies or those with previous experience will be able to complete the course more quickly than those with less time or less experience.  The Midwifery Track of the Charis Course for Childbirth Professionals is designed to take the average full-time student at least three years to complete.

Tuition and Fees for Charis Midwifery students:

  • $550 Registration/admin fee
  • $990 Quarterly tuition
  • $30 Yearly membership
  • $1,000 Appx. workshop fees (estimated) (four workshops, two approved workshops of your choice, and two Charis workshops at $275 each)
  • $100 Diploma fee

Textbooks and midwifery supplies are purchased separately and are the responsibility of the student.

Please visit our contact page to speak with a Charis Childbirth Director for more information

Charis Childbirth

Enrollment and Admissions

Prerequisites for admission

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and be a high school graduate (or the equivalent).  Exceptions can be made for mature, academically advanced homeschoolers who are at least 16 years of age and whose parents wish to incorporate the Charis course into their advanced high school science and language arts program.  The Charis Course is a challenging college-level course.

To enroll:

  1. Contact Charis to set up a time to meet with one of the Charis Directors.
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Pay the Enrollment Fee, Annual Membership Fee, and 1st term of tuition (Students pay from invoices generated upon receipt of the completed application form)

Terms start in January, April, July, and October