Workshops We Offer

Our workshops are outside of our normal academic tracks and help midwives, doulas, educators and families offer better support

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Labor Support Workshop

This interactive, hands-on workshop is for educators, doulas, midwives, or anyone who would like to improve her ability to support laboring women. Among the things you will learn are techniques to bring a woman comfort during each phase of labor, understanding the science behind why the comfort measures work, creating an environment conducive to the natural progression of labor, recognizing when a woman is beginning to panic and helping her regain control.

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Communication Workshop

Educators, doulas, midwives, or anyone who would like to improve their ability to communicate with expectant families will get the most from this workshop.

You will become more skilled in preparing effective introductions, asking key questions, creating a learner friendly environment, capturing the attention of learners, helping clients embrace their responsibility of making informed decisions, and so much more.

In addition to the valuable skills acquired at the workshop, you will also take home with you an assortment of visual aids and other valuable teaching tools to enhance your future students’ learning experience.

Advanced Training 

Upcoming Workshops

Charis Childbirth also hosts workshops that are geared specifically to the childbirth professional or skilled volunteer. These workshops serve to increase skills and enhance preparedness.

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Shoulder Dystocia Workshop

Participants in this workshop will understand the physiology of shoulder dystocia, be able to assess and diagnose shoulder dystocia, and demonstrate the steps necessary to maneuver baby’s shoulder under the pubic arch to resolve shoulder dystocia with as little stress on baby as possible. Each participant will have hands-on role play opportunities with a doll and pelvis to practice and demonstrate maneuvers to resolve shoulder dystocia and the appropriate maternal positions in each scenario.