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Doran Richards, a Virginia midwife and longtime friend of Charis, has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. Please cover Doran and her family in prayer. She and her husband are both self-employed and have no insurance to cover her treatment. If you have a little or a lot you can give to help her cover her medical expenses, please click on this link to donate:

 http://www.gofundme.com/ze6g8hrs. Thank you!

Mark Your Calendars

Charis “Labor Support” Workshop
Saturday, October 03, 2015
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

At LifeSong Midwifery in North Port, Florida

For childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, or anyone who would like to improve her ability to support laboring women.

At our workshops, learning is interactive, hands-on, fun, and interesting.  All Charis workshops are taught from a Christian perspective, giving God the glory for His marvelous creation and how He so wonderfully created women to bear children.

You will spend the day making new friends and becoming more skilled in putting to use many techniques to bring a woman comfort during each phase of labor, understanding the science behind why the comfort measures work, creating an environment conducive to the natural progression of labor, recognizing when a woman is beginning to panic and helping her regain control, gently encouraging a woman to effectively push out her baby while taking advantage of the natural physiology of second stage, assisting a woman in breastfeeding for the very first time, and so much more.

In addition to the valuable skills acquired at the workshop, you will also take home with you a beautiful “labor support bag” filled with an assortment of tools to help you successfully support, serve, and bring comfort to your future clients as they labor.

A delicious lunch will be provided for all the workshop attendees to enjoy as you get to know each other better during a midday break.

The cost is $225 for Charis members and $255 for non-members (includes one-year Charis membership).

To register, complete the Registration Form
and mail it, along with payment, to:
Charis Childbirth
2575 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., Suite 3
North Port, FL 34289
Registration must be received before September 12, 2015

Childbirth Preparation Classes
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Presented by: Birth InSight
Christi Jones (CCE, CD) and Aimee Roberts (CCE, CD)

Weekly Series
September 24-October 29, Thursdays 7:00-9:00
November 5-December 17,  Thursdays 7:00-9:00

Weekend Series
August 28 & 29 (6:30-9:30) and (9:00-3:30)
December 11&12 (6:30-9:30) and (9:00-3:30)

Eat Right Now Workshop
email info@birthinsightva.com for upcoming dates

Live Right Now Workshop
email info@birthinsightva.com for upcoming dates

For more information and to register visit our website
or call 757-270-0437


Attention Aspiring Midwives!

You will love the flexible, thorough, distance academics course offered through Charis Childbirth! Check it out!

Want to serve childbearing families as a Certified Doula or Childbirth Educator?

Become trained and certified through Charis Childbirth!
Take a look at our unique certification process!

If you seek a school that offers the convenience of self-paced distance learning, personal mentors for each student, a commitment to the highest excellence in education, a family-like network of students and birth professionals, and education from a Christian perspective, Charis may be just the right fit for you!

For more information
Visit the
Charis Web site
for course description and outline. 

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Our Director's Heart

New Charis Office

Moving Day and Workshop are approaching fast!

Remember the day you moved away from home for the first time? It may have been to go away to college or to get married, but that step was a giant leap that catapulted you into adulthood.

For over 12 years, Charis has “lived” in an office in my home. It was a perfect beginning, but the time has come for her to move out and step into adulthood! On August 1, the Charis office will be moving just 10 minutes down the road into an office complex in North Port, FL. This will give Charis more room to grow to her fullest potential.

LifeSong Midwifery, my midwifery practice, signed a five year lease on a building in Toledo Blade Professional Center in North Port back in January. The owner of the building has been wonderful! One significant way he has blessed us is by paying for the build-out to make the space perfect for our use. The changes needed, of course, required permits and everything was held up in permitting with the city for months. The work finally started in June and they are on track to have everything completed by the end of this month. I was just at our new office checking on the progress and it looks like the only things left to do before we move in are floors and trim work. It looks great!

Beautiful new office in progress!

Those of you coming to the Charis “Labor Support” Workshop in October will have the opportunity to spend the day in our beautiful new space. The school has an office, a library, two big classrooms, and shares the restrooms and kitchenette with the midwifery practice.

And, speaking of the Workshop, it is already half full; so, please put your registrations in the mail as soon as possible! We will all meet for dinner on October 2 at a fabulous restaurant near Nokomis beach, enjoy the beach and watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico afterward, spend all day at the workshop on October 3, and then have time to relax and enjoy little bit more of southwest Florida paradise on the 4th. If I have a momma in labor on the 3rd, then that will be the fun day and the 4th will be our workshop day. I’m looking forward to spending a wonderful weekend of learning to serve expectant mommas with even greater excellence and connecting with other like-minded birth professionals from around the world. Can’t wait to see all of you!!!

Kristin Schuchmann, CPM, LM
Executive Director, Charis Childbirth, Inc.

Charis Childbirth’s new address as of August 1:
2575 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., Suite 3
North Port, FL 34289


Contact Us

Charis Childbirth
2575 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., Suite 3
North Port, FL 34289

 Kristin Schuchmann ~ Executive  Director
Cell (941)441-6410


Susan Oshel ~ Director of Midwifery Studies

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Charis Membership

We at Charis are extremely grateful for our wonderful members.  This past year, your dues have made it financially possible for us to creatively correspond with people in areas of the world where internet is spotty at best.  Having all forms of communication available for us is essential if we are going to successfully train birth professionals in the far reaches of the earth.  As our community of members grows, there will be more funds available for even more world-impacting outreach. Thank you!

Membership is due every December 31 for the coming calendar year.  So, if you became a member on or before December 31, 2014, your dues should be mailed by the middle of December, 2015, to be sure it is received in time.  If you become a member sometime in 2015, then your membership renewal is not due until December 31, 2016.

You can send your membership form and $30 dues to:
Charis Childbirth
2575 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., Suite 3
North Port, FL 34289



  • For the Charis Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Midwifery students: sharp minds to learn, opportunities for lots of hands-on learning
  • For the Charis CE’s, doulas, and midwives: rest, peace, protection, wisdom, discernment
  • For the Charis missionaries and humanitarian workers: protection, peace, divine guidance, financial provision
  • For  our  directors  and  administration:   Wisdom, guidance, energy, and provision from God as Charis enters this season of growth


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 'Behold, I will bring them from the north country, And gather them from the ends of the earth,
 Among  them the blind and the lame, The woman with child and The one who labors with child,  together,
 A great throng shall return there...And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD.'
 Jeremiah 31:8, 14
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