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Job Opportunity

Charis Childbirth Services is currently seeking an individual with experience in fundraising and non-profit organizations to serve as part-time fundraising coordinator. If you are interested in interviewing for this position, please send your resume to or 149 Business Park Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, attn: Charis Administration.

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Mark Your Calendars

Charis Childbirth Education Class

Taught by: Elizabeth Lugmayer
January 1 - Feb. 19, 2008
Tuesday night 7:00 ~ 9:00 pm
Classes held at:
5228 Indian River Road,
Virginia Beach VA. 23464
Call 757-533-5135 or email

for further information.

Charis Teaching Birth Workshop

The next Charis “Teaching Birth Workshop” (formerly “Childbirth Educator Workshop”) is being held in April of 2008. The exact date and more details will be coming soon.

Christian Midwives International
4th Annual Conference

The Joy of the Lord!
April 30 – May 3, 2008
Indianapolis, Indiana
Register online, advertise or have a table/booth
CEU’s available through MEAC

Why is this conference different than all the rest?
Spiritual Uplifting ~ Biblical Instruction
Godly Fellowship

Need more reasons? Just come and see for yourself –
You will leave renewed and ready to continue serving God in the childbearing realm!

Prayer Points

  • The right fundraising coordinator to join the Charis family

  • Financial provision for Charis to hire a part-time administrative assistant

  • For the Charis Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Midwifery students: sharp minds to learn, opportunities for lots of hands-on learning

  • For the Charis CE’s, doulas, and midwives: rest, peace, protection, wisdom, discernment

  • For the Charis missionaries: protection, peace, divine guidance, financial provision

  • Our 2008 missions trip to Madagascar: details to be ironed out, funding

  • Unity among childbirth professionals

Giving Thanks

Our Director's Heart

Our Director, Kristin Schuchmann

Hello Family!

The ministry of Charis Childbirth Services is growing and thriving and impacting more and more people each and every day. This is very exciting and, at the same time, very sobering. Anytime a person or organization takes a stand for Christ and makes a commitment to take the Gospel to the world, attack from the enemy and persecution follows. Friends, Charis is in that position as an organization and so are the individuals who are serving so faithfully through Charis. Please keep Charis and the Charis family in your prayers. We desperately need and covet your prayers. Beginning this month, our newsletter will have a list of prayer points for the month to help you know how to pray specifically. Thank you for linking arms with us, joining your faith with ours, and interceding on behalf of Charis and our Charis family members!!!!

A United Front

One thing on the list of prayer points for this month is unity among Christian childbirth professionals. Here’s a little background on why this is on our list.

In the world today there are a number of different types of birth professionals. Unfortunately there is division and fighting among the different groups. This is to be expected from people who are not Christians, but very sad to see among brothers and sisters in Christ.

Huge divisions seem to be between those who prefer hospital birth and those who prefer out-of-hospital birth. The out-of-hospital birth advocates are in a position where they have less and less freedom to practice, seemingly because of the opposition of the hospital birth advocates. And now, as a result of that oppression, division has erupted within the group of out-of-hospital birth advocates… even among believers. Marsden Wagner said that oppressed societies fight amongst themselves. Where Christians are concerned, this should not be! The Bible says that a house divided will fall.

There needs to be a united front! Whether we like it or not, we are on the “frontlines” as we serve childbearing families! Glenn Martin, our missionary friend in the Dominican Republic, told me that, statistically, if a person does not receive Christ as a child, the next time he or she is most open to God is during the childbearing years. What a wonderful opportunity we have!

In addition to that, babies themselves have been targeted by the enemy throughout history. Currently, millions of babies lose their lives every day through abortion, and babies are dying in many countries around the world because of poor birth practices. The Bible even tells of a few times when babies were specifically targeted. (Remember what happened around the time Moses was born and when Jesus was very young.) As birth professionals, we can make a difference and even save lives!

Who is being targeted today? Whose lives are we possibly protecting or saving as we serve childbearing families? Who is going to experience the love of God as we minister? Who will receive Christ as a result of our ministry? Can we effectively minister to these families when we fight amongst ourselves? What kind of example are we being? The song “They’ll Know We are Christians by our Love” keeps coming to mind. Let’s put aside our differences, love each other, and remember that we’re on the same team! Okay, I know I’m probably “preaching to the choir”, but my point is that we need to PRAY!

Toward Unity

Last month, I had the incredible privilege of having dinner with a group of Christian midwives from around the United States who were in Clearwater, FL, for the annual MANA conference. They were CNM’s, CPM’s, LM’s, DEM’s, etc. all connecting heart to heart. Some shared challenges they were facing, others shared exciting victories. They all encouraged one another as sisters should. What a wonderful breath of fresh air! It was proof that my prayers are being heard and answered. I send out a heartfelt thank-you to those ladies, for allowing me to participate in such sweet fellowship! You are all heroes in my book!

2007 MANA Conference in Clearwater, FL


High on my list of blessings for which I’m filled with gratitude are the incredible men and women who make up the family of Charis Childbirth Services. You have enriched my life and the lives of those you serve in so many ways. I thank God for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Charis Family!

Love and blessings,



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 Jeremiah 31:8, 14
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