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Charis "Teaching Birth" Workshop

Was held Saturday, April 13, 2013
At LifeSong Midwifery in North Port, Florida

Left to right:  Kristin Schuchmann, Ginjah Gardner, Karen Yoder,
Sheri Hunt, Christy Hicks holding sweet little Athena and Lisa Kreinbrook.

We spent the day making new friends and becoming more skilled in preparing effective introductions, asking powerful questions, creating a learner-friendly environment, capturing the attention of learners, helping clients embrace their responsibility of making informed decisions, and so much more.

In addition to the valuable skills acquired at the workshop, we also took home with us an assortment of visual aids and other valuable teaching tools to enhance our future students’ learning experience.

Read on and enjoy!

Friday night before the workshop many of the ladies gathered at Sharkey's on the beautiful Gulf Coast to have dinner.  Sheri Hunt, Lisa Kreinbrook, Kristin Schuchmann, Ginjah Gardner, Christy and Athena Hicks enjoyed getting to know one another.  As the sun was setting everyone felt blessed and ready for the big day ahead of them.

If you missed the recent Charis “Teaching Birth” Workshop, you missed a GREAT time!  I loved having the opportunity to get to know some of the Charis students better!  I know I say it all the time, but I am so incredibly humbled and blessed by the amazing women God connects with Charis.  Our students are truly the best of the best and I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in their education.  The “Teaching Birth” Workshop is probably my favorite of all the workshops I do.  It is extremely rewarding to see the workshop attendees embrace the important role skilled communication plays in our relationships with our clients and how crucial it is to truly listen to them.  There is a reason Charis birth professionals have such a great reputation in their communities!

Kristin Schuchmann sharing her passion about being a good listener and communicator.

Birth balls are not just good for laboring women!
Workshop presenters need to have good posture, too!

Early Saturday morning, everyone is ready for a great day at the workshop.

Christy is ready to learn!

The Teaching Birth Workshop offered a wealth of information that I found very useful, even though I am not currently a Doula student.  There were a lot of principles that were helpful for anyone who is a teacher, coach, or parent.  I particularly enjoyed the info on asking the right questions in order to coach instead of telling a person what you think they should do. That will come in handy as I parent and homeschool my daughter.  Kristin is a phenomenal teacher and Sheri is a lovely hostess.  I'm looking forward to the next workshop!
~Christy Hicks, Charis Administrative Assistant

Christy, Lisa, & Karen coming up with brilliant introductions.

Ginjah “working” at the workshop.

That’s a great idea, Ginjah!

I walked away from this workshop learning to communicate properly to empower clients.  It was awesome information!
Ginjah Gardner,
Charis CE/Doula Student 

We did lots of laughing!

Kristin Schuchmann leading the group as they discuss coaching techniques.

Christy and Lisa practicing their coaching techniques.

This workshop confirmed what I believe God has been impressing on me that I "be all there" no matter what I'm doing: spending time with my family, meeting and ministering to clients, or applying to my Charis studies.  It was also beneficial that I survived the exercises and learned from them:)
~Lisa Kreinbrook, Charis Midwifery Student


Karen & Ginjah practicing their coaching techniques.

The Teaching Birth Workshop was filled with a lot of valuable information on teaching and empowering skills.  I especially appreciated learning the art of asking good questions!
~Karen Yoder, Charis CE/Doula Student

Sheri & Todd practicing coaching techniques. 

The Teaching Birth Workshop is so much more than I anticipated. I was challenged by the “Coaching” section of the day. I came face to face with the weaknesses of my usual communication patterns, and experienced some new communication tools that I feel will assist me as I help others make informed decisions in their life and businesses.  Thank you Kristin for setting the example of what loving powerful communication can be.
~Todd Schuchmann

Kristin delivering a life-changing message to the Charis students.

Christy, Lisa, & Karen discussing how to create a “safe” environment for learning.

Lisa is learning to ask powerful questions
that help clients get to the heart of the matter and confidently make informed choices.

Lisa & Karen are now experts in question-asking!

Ginjah is thinking… trying to come up with a great, attention-grabbing “hook”.

Everyone has great ideas!

Shei & Gingah enjoying lively discussion.

The weekend of the Teaching Birth workshop was so much fun.  I'm so blessed getting to know and being able to serve Charis students.  I learned at the workshop the importance of asking the right questions. When you're serving others and problems arise, like confusion, it's easy to tell them what to do.  When you ask the right questions your helping them see what's important to them and allowing them to make there own choices.  I've been practicing this everyday!
~Sheri Hunt

This is the first time Todd has ever participated in one of Kristin’s workshops!  He found that many of the principles presented can be applied to his own work and looks forward to putting them into practice.

Kristin showed off the Charis prototype community garden.  The “Back to Eden” style of garden can be implemented just about anywhere in the world and our experience with this garden will enable us to give very practical help and advice to Charis students around the world who wish to incorporate a community garden into their maternity care.

Garden tour!

For more information about “Back to Eden” style gardening,
go to www.backtoedenfilm.com

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 Among  them the blind and the lame, The woman with child and The one who labors with child,  together,
 A great throng shall return there...And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD.'
 Jeremiah 31:8, 14
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