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Charis Around the World

Tidbits From Ebony
by Elizabeth Carmichael

These Ebony ladies have come up with a wonderful idea for income generation!!!  They learned how to make poofie hair clips (see the black one on the floor with the ribbons streaming off of it) Ladies here wear clips like these on the back of their head to fasten their hair.  When they put their scarf over it, it looks like a big bufant type thing is going on under the scarf!  It is VERY fashionable right now!! :-)  These ladies purchase their materials for less than ten cents and sell the clips for a little over a dollar.  I am proud of their idea and their hard work!  It makes a world of difference to this family with no men.  They have no other source of income or any way to support themselves by working outside of the home.  We truly live in luxury in the West, with all of our options and permissions.  May we use them for His Kingdom.

Dear Charis Family,

Last month you saw a picture of and prayed for a lady in Candybar who has discovered she is pregnant, yet must endure sub-standard medical treatment for a rare condition. Praise be to the Father, I was able to visit Candybar again recently and got some really good time with her!!!  My boss, who is a Family Practice doctor, was also with me on the visit.  Because EVERYONE wants to see the doctor when he is in town, we had many visits with our staff and their family (including this pregnant lady).  My boss has the knowledge, but I have the language. :-)  So, we had a good time tag teaming, and I was SO blessed by his willingness to say to people, “OK, I will go write your prescription now and Elizabeth will pray with you about these issues.”

My pregnant friend was in a lot of pain during my visit.  I did not expect round ligament pain so soon in her pregnancy, but I think this was the cause.  I had brought my instruments to give her a very basic, but proper, prenatal exam.  She is able to get ultrasounds in Candybar, but they rarely check for much else.  It turns out her tired body is fighting an infection, so I was glad we were prepared to help her.  We had some tense moments, though.  I could not find the baby’s hear beat to save my life.  We thought we heard it, but I wasn’t satisfied.  Our office cook was ready to bring lunch into the ladies work area, however, and no woman—pregnant or not—comes between a man and his lunch in this culture!  So, we had to stop everything we were doing until all the staff had finished their food.  By the end of lunch, the men were spread all over the office doing their lunch time prayer rituals.  It would have been incredibly shameful for my friend and I to resume her prenatal check.  So, we crept down to the office basement.  It was so dark, moldy and depressing.  She laid on the floor while I prepared to search the baby’s heart tones again.  On the wall of this dank room there was a very large picture of three dark skinned women dancing with their hands in the air.  Maybe you have seen the painting before.  It was titled, “In the Spirit.”  The image of a woman dancing, especially with hands in the air, an apparent shapeliness, and her head uncovered is a very shameful and embarrassing image for the culture of Candybar.  Yet, some Western worker who had lived here in the past left this painting behind and the local people couldn’t bring themselves to burn it.  I was glad those dancing ladies were watching us…..

Finally, after another several minutes, we found a very strong heartbeat!!!  All was well.  This beautiful friend is enduring this pregnancy with so much tension in her heart.  Will you please pray for God to heal her of her bodily pains, and that He would reveal Himself in power to her.  Her heart is soft.  I so long for her to know Him!

I am currently at a training in Thailand [HI, MARY BETH!!! I AM TRAPPED AT A CONFERENCE CENTER. :-( ].  The training is going so well.  This morning we were challenged to begin the day by turning to the sun and thanking God that He has turned to US, has seen us and shines His countenance upon us.  The challenge was in a spirit of helping us deliberately connect with God each morning at this conference.   Well….I forgot all about it.  All I wanted to connect with was my coffee.

I had my shower and went down to the little restaurant and sat outside with my cup.  Up over the water in front of me, through the dry, but green trees in front of me, through the empty branches, birds and bugs, a massive round ball of red fire started to climb into the center of my vision.  It rose higher and higher and cast its heat on my face.  It was incredible, I tell you!!!  One of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen!  I forgot all about God this morning and all I could think as this sun rose on my face was, “Oh, God!You found me!”  He didn’t forget about me!  He knew the sun would rise RIGHT in front of my face and humble me in gentle glory.  I love our God!

May His glory shine on your faces today.


Our International Charis Family
Your stories from around the world touch us and we pray for your safety.
Thanks, Love and Blessings to every one of you!

'Behold, I will bring them from the north country, And gather them from the ends of the earth,
 Among  them the blind and the lame, The woman with child and The one who labors with child,  together,
 A great throng shall return there...And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD.'
 Jeremiah 31:8, 14
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